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The best way to paste text with links.

Publish text with links on the web.
No login needed - instantly create and share.

About This Tool

Linkiki is the simplest way to paste and publish text with links on the web. Paste any text with hyperlinks into Linkiki, then publish it. Anything you paste is automagically made into a web page, with the hyperlinks working too.

Paste and publish your content as plain text, web URLs or a mixture of the two. All site addresses are automatically transformed to web links. Set them out with a new space or line. Once you publish, a page with your content is produced - copy and share your address to allow other people look at it too!

No pop-ups, no sign-up forms, no clutter. You can share your page with anyone you like - or if you want to make it private, you can do that too.

Copy and share your links easily - via the link to the page.

For Example: This site url is, you can include links like,, this tool will automatically convert it into working hyperlinks.

Account Creation

Your can create your pastes anonymously and also create an account to manage them.

Edit Paste

This tool allows you to edit your paste using edit code feature. It will generate edit code for you. You can also use your own edit code.

Password Protected

When you create your paste, you can make private your paste and add password to that. This paste can be view only by providing the password.

Expire Paste

You can make expire your paste by choosing the expire option. It can expire in number of hours, months, days and weeks.

Custom URL

You can provide custom url of your choice. Default is autogenerated urls like after providing your url then it will become like

and more...

There are more features like Link Options, Referrer info, and Strip text etc.